Workshops, 2019

Featured Presenters: Sharron Krull, Carrie Flint, and John Archambault

Sharron Krull (Session 1 only)

Join in this hands-on participatory workshop demonstrating a variety of techniques and props for presenting music, movement, rhythm, instruments, songs, fingerplays, stories, puppets, and creative activities. Have fun, get inspired, and take home lots of new ideas to make your group time more enjoyable and active for all children.

Carrie Flint (Session 2 only)

This power-packed session focuses on creative approaches for matching music to class activities in ways that will enhance lessons, provide multi-sensory learning opportunities and serve as an excellent time management tool. In addition, participants will learn innovative ways to stretch tight budgets with homemade equipment alternatives.

John Archambault (Session 3 only)

Create a playful environment to optimize language development. Use the amazing power of “dip and splash” in syllables. Through rhythm and rhyme, songs and sounds, play with letters in developing language.

Regular Workshops (each is presented in all 3 sessions)


The Wheels are OFF the Bus!
Willie Aron

This Grammy-nominated children’s musician and preschool music teacher has developed a compelling, entertaining curriculum for preschoolers and their teachers. Dispense with overfamiliar, tired teaching methods, and become re-engaged by the power and magic of music education in a passionate, new way!

Using Music in the Classroom—Yes You Can! And Why It’s Important
Robyn Frey-Monell

This presentation will provide tools to help not only the experienced teacher, but those uncomfortable with using music in the classroom, to adopt a music-play mindset. The desired learning outcomes will be to foster creative play and embed music in the everyday curriculum.

Bring Out the Best through Music and Movement
Sara Anne Quintanar

In this upbeat workshop, participants will learn “whole body” musical activities to build imagination and language development in children. Explore new ways to help children engage, create, and express themselves through language and music. Come sing and dance with Señora Sara! This is a bilingual presentation.

Teacher Support

Renew Your Passion! Stress Reduction Tips for Teachers
Anna Reyner

Passion is an essential ingredient of satisfying life and work. Do you feel more burned out than on fire? This stress reduction workshop provides a safe, fun and creative environment to learn new coping skills to manage educator stress. Engage in sensory art experiences that will nurture and delight you!


Children’s Literacy and Emotional Development
Alycia McInnish

This fun workshop will provide educators with many strategies (using children’s literature, fictional characters, and real living creatures) to build skills which will help them encourage children to become socially and emotionally competent learners. The presentation will include real-life examples, proven effective techniques, and helpful hands-on activities.

Practicing Mindfulness Using Books, Art and Music
Ashley Mills Monaghan

In this presentation, you will gain perspective on why practicing mindfulness is so beneficial for the young child and learn how to incorporate it into the classroom. Together, we will discuss the power of art, books and music, share fun ideas, and learn how to build a creative centered classroom.


Implementing a Nurturing Outdoor Learning Environment
Theresa Embry

This workshop provides an overview of the Outdoor Classroom Project—what it is, how it works, and why it is needed. It offers an extensive survey of many kinds of outdoor activities which extend the joy of learning AND promote physical activity. It is ideal both for Outdoor Classroom novices and for experienced teachers looking for new ideas.


Using Process Art to Cultivate the 4 C’s with Toddlers
Angelica Hernandez

This workshop provides a framework for nurturing creative thinking and discovery using process art with toddlers. Attendees will be guided in using the 4 C’s: creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. Participants will recognize how process art fits with DRDP and the CA Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations. This is a bilingual

Cooking with Toddlers!
L. Chérie Hogan

Cooking with toddlers? YES! It’s easier than you think, with kid-tested (18 months – 2 years old) and teacher-approved recipes.The workshop will include the presenter’s top 10 “tried and true” recipes for cooking with young ones, using only a few simple tools. We will also discuss how to share each recipe within your program.


Exploration and Discovery: Teaching the 5 Elements of Dance
Monik C. Jones-Davis

This interactive, introductory level workshop focuses on teaching creative movement to children by exploring the five elements of dance—body, action, space, time, and energy. This session will also provide insight on ways to connect these fundamental concepts to other learning disciplines.

Special Needs

Positive Behavior Strategies for Every Child
Michelle Neilsen and Melissa Wolney

When 1 in 6 children is affected by developmental disabilities, early childhood programs are bound to include students with unique needs. Learn strategies to capitalize on students’ strengths, prevent/reduce negative behaviors, and teach adaptive skills. Positive behavior supports can transform special needs into exceptional gifts that enrich your classroom.

Special Needs

Arts for All: Strategies for Kids with Autism
Linsey Smith and Joan Surfus

Children with autism often learn through doing but have difficulties with completing things in a “traditional” way. This workshop will help participants understand some possible underlying barriers that may impact the children’s ability to complete an activity. Hands-on learning opportunities and strategies to facilitate participation will also be presented.


Magical Storytelling with Puppets Engages ALL Children
Sundrina Kofod

Captivate your whole class by using puppets, props, and multiple means of expression to make literature exciting. Learn how to create magic, address many Core Standards, and have fun! Leave with concrete examples and ideas that will inspire imaginations, creativity and social/emotional connections.


Who Put the “A” in STEAM—and Why?
Annette Franquez

STEAM adds “Art” to STEM. Develop passionate and innovative thinkers in your classroom by introducing a project-based STEAM curriculum. Learn how to implement practical and affordable STEAM-based activities as you establish an enriched and engaging learning environment.

Decreasing Challenging Behaviors with Sensory Play
Maile Josiah-Juarez

Sensory play can be used to calm, sooth and redirect a child who displays challenging behaviors. Attendees of this workshop will gain knowledge of “red-flag” behaviors and how to pair them with different receptive activities. The session will consist of lecture, hands-on activities, and group discussions.

“Tell Me About What You Made…!”
Jill Ruby-Wahba

Creative expression provides an outlet for communicating and processing experiences. Through hands-on exercises and discussion, you will learn how, what and why to engage in discussion of art with young children. Sensitive conversations can provide opportunities for discovering clues to students’ emotional states, environmental stressors or developmental areas that need attention.

Child Directed Art: What Does That Look Like?
Catherine Scott

Through a power point presentation and discussion, teachers will explore the topic of child directed art, based on open-ended experiences. Actual examples of children’s art will be shared. While participating in hands-on activities, attendees will learn new ways to implement child directed art in the classroom. Handouts will be provided.